Uber banned in Germany for violating the cabby code

German taxi driver with his car

The well-known transportation provider Uber has allegedly been lowering the standards of the European taxi drivers and was therefore recently banned by the Frankfurt court from providing its cheap UberPop taxi service throughout Germany. Their service is highly popular in North America and everywhere else across the globe, but failed to win over the Germans.

Apparently, the local taxi drivers, predominantly graduates and postgraduates of Driving Sciences, are world-renowned for their top-notch expertise, finesse, and unique aptitude to charge some 300 Euro per hour of taxi experience. Over the last century, Germany has continuously excelled in training world-beating drivers and producing first-rate taxi cars. Certainly this know-how should not be given away for free or cheaper.

We asked a German taxi driver Gjin Dacić about his opinion on the Uber case and were hardly surprised by his statement:

I don’t shit with you, driving taxi is privilege. Many think they can drive, but no they can’t. Only real taxi drivers with Mercedes Benz and proper training can drive taxis. It took me five years to learn use taxi pager! We are like pilots of city, we know every place and longest route to go! If you think you can do better – we drive you to court again and again. [sic]

We can only agree with his rant. Driving a taxi is a difficult and demanding job: official drivers must have unlimited patience and willingness to spend 100% of their time waiting for the customers, while polishing the dashboard or reading Hürriyet news. Many cannot handle the pressure and are tempted to leave the business, and this is the reason why only the ‘crème de la crème’ drivers pursue this career. Uber was simply not equipped to compete against the exemplary skills and know-how of the experienced official German drivers, which led to its nationwide ban.

On our way to the departure terminal from the Sheraton airport hotel, we called an official Frankfurt taxi, experiencing first-hand their incomparable competence – rather than suffering through the bland 500 meter ride, we were driven through the entire Rhine-Main region for only 130 Euro!



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