Tripadvisors get a sneak peek of notorious Russian jail

Prison tester mingling with the locals

A unique opportunity has been granted to bold Tripadvisor experts who have recently given the Kremlin Mausoleum 3 stars out of 5, as reported today by the ‘Voice of Russia’. The picky travellers now get to enjoy Russian hospitality in the comfort of the famous Butyrka prison.

Reputedly, the Russian authorities have made note of the Swedish couple visiting Moscow a week ago after reading their precise and very descriptive comment on the travel site Tripadvisor:

OMG! There is like a stuffed corpse inside! Smells like dead communism. lol

As further explained by Mr. Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman:

When we saw their review, we knew right away they have an eye for details! They left such a pointy description of the Red Square, noting how it was just the perfect spot for a gay parade.

After discussing with our superiors, we decided to invite them back to Russia and give them an opportunity to rate our most interesting correctional facility, Butyrka. We placed them in our executive single cells, welcoming them to stay as long as needed to come up with a comprehensive review of this fantastic establishment.

Judging by their most recent Facebook posts, the adventurous couple were so enthralled by the Butyrka that they even decided to extend their stay in Russia. Authorities have immediately agreed to provide the necessary documents and have already granted single-entry residency permits for five years.

Recent Butyrka resort reviews

Recent Butyrka resort reviews

This is not the first example of Russia making good use of modern media – it is currently quite a hot topic in the country, and not only for Russian businesses: authorities are also actively using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tripadvisor to advertise parks, monuments and objects of cultural significance. The traveller responses are predominantly positive among local population.