The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming…

Shooting on site

…soon at your local cinemas. At least this is the idea. Encouraged by the unexpected success of its recently released documentary “Crimea. Way Back Home”, which has been nominated for several international awards at once, Russia has decided to heavily invest into its film industry to join the top league on the red carpet.

At the moment, options for the next film location are being discussed; suggestions include Lithuania and Alaska. Being a truly democratic society, the Russian people will be given a possibility to choose their preferred option in a nationwide survey.

Nikita Mikhalkov, head of the Russian Cinematographers’ Union and undisputed creative genius, seems exhilarated about this new development:

I have told Vova – I mean Vladimir Vladimirovich, of course – many times that it is time to take our cinema to the next level. We are a great empire and should finally establish our status as a great film empire!

Crimea was just the beginning – just wait and see! To commemorate 70 years of victory over fascism, I have successfully raised funds for our Union to make a new film about World War II. Our crew has already moved out to shoot at the historic sites and will eventually make its way down to Berlin!

In the meantime, cinema connoisseurs are placing their bets on which awards the controversial documentary will be able to take home. So far the film has been nominated for the Academy Awards in eight categories, namely for “Best Foreign Language Film”, “Best Live Action Short Film”, “Best Production Design”, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Sound Mixing”, “Best Visual Effects”, “Best Film Editing”, and “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”.

At the same time, the movie has also been nominated for the Golden Raspberry in five prestigious categories: “Worst Screenplay”, “Worst Director”, “Worst Rip-off” and “Worst New Star”, as well as in a specially introduced category “Worst Excuse for a Hostile Action”.

With only ten months remaining until the awards ceremonies, it can hardly get any more exciting. We anxiously await what the future holds – it may very well be that the next ceremonies will be held in Russia.



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