Poland supports anti-ISIS coalition

Polish stronk T-34 is ready for departure

Year passes after year, and the war in Syria continues to rage. Determined to finally bring peace to the region, Poland, a key player in the world arena, has decided to take the matter into its own hands.

The country, an undeniable logistics specialist, is preparing to transport both its Polish T-34 tanks to Damascus by DPD. As reported by ‘Kurwa Pierdole’, Warsaw’s governmental newspaper, the machines have already been disassembled to simplify the transportation and not to raise suspicions among Poland’s enemies.

Experts agree that this unexpected involvement of the superpower can tip the scales in Syria, bringing the conflict in the torn down region to a close.

While Poland is in the process of relocating its machinery and a significant number of its armed forces to Syria, international military advisers are expressing concern about the country exposing itself to potential threat. Being a good neighbour yet again, Germany has offered its help and expertise to protect Poland, ready to ship military equipment and manpower over the border from the north, south, and west. In fact, a suggestion has been made to temporarily annex Poland until it retrieves its full military resources. Details remain unknown, but Poland’s prime minister Beata Szydło is considering the offer.