Poland stops potato exports

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An analysis of the recent headlines has given our experts grounds for suspicion that Poland intends to discontinue its potato exports to the European Union. At present, Poland is the largest potato exporting country in the EU: with its 5 million tonnes of potatoes sold annually in the European market, it is the unquestionable potato leader within the union.

We have sent an official enquiry asking to comment on these speculations: the Polish Prime Minister issued a statement in response, confirming the news and noting that:

Poland has always been a large exporter of agricultural products and we plan to continue this trend. At this stage we would like to review our strategies and add new products to our product line. We will prove to the European Union that we are much more than just potatoes: Poland will now also add sophisticated fruits and vegetables to its range of goods. We strive to become the largest importer of pineapples, kiwis and cashews to the EU. Of course, this will be a big change for our farmers, but the government will not shy away from any costs or efforts and will fully subsidize this transition.

The farmers’ union in Poland has immediately objected to the announced changes, calling together a march of protest “Kartofel – tak! Kiwi – nie!” Despite ongoing protests from the farmers against the newly adopted strategy, claiming that exotic fruits cannot be grown in Poland, the minister of agriculture has pledged his full support and has immediately summoned international experts to devise a costed work plan.

Polish manufacturers have instantly taken action and are already offering new vodka with pineapple flavor, as well as sweet pierogis with kiwi filling.



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  1. There’s always Ireland.

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