Latvia buys Polish potato

Poorly drawn Latvian country ball (with Riga backdrop to avoid being mistaken for Austria)

Latvia is making a move to change its international image after recent polls have shown it to be the most unknown country in Europe. While at the first glance the results were quite promising, with the majority of the respondents answering positively to the question whether they liked Latvia, when further asked which city they liked the most, most named Vilnius as the city with the biggest appeal.

The government has already invited a marketing expert, whose portfolio includes the famous ‘Incredible India’ branding campaign, to work out a strategy to promote the country beyond its borders and to make it stand out from its neighbours.

As a first step, Latvia has decided to act on Poland’s recent announcement to leave the potato market and expressed its interest in buying all of Polish rest quantities of potato stock.

“Potato is now more important to us than ever! Owning potatoes is a privilege we must afford.” – emphasized Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma. “He who owns the potato, owns the world.”

Indeed, following the sanctions established by Russia and after Polish re-positioning, potato has become a valuable strategic resource in the European Union. Financial experts see this Latvian move as a viable attempt to get more importance on the political arena and to distance itself from Lithuania.

As the next step, the re-branding team is planning to re-design the national flag, and may even be looking at changing the country name to make it ‘pop’.