Kanye West had first contact with aliens

Kim and Kanye riding together

The new 100 million initiative launched by Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner to fund the hunt for extra-terrestrial life-forms has already yielded results. As claimed by the American rapper Kanye West, in fact, aliens are already here:

Kim, look at Kim. She is definitely extra-terrestrial. Man, that ass is not from this world.

Kanye’s first suspicions that Kim and her entire family might be aliens were further confirmed when her step-father shape-shifted and became a woman. Many society experts have long assumed that it might be true, suspecting the Kardashians to be mind-controlling aliens, which would explain their bizarre and unfounded popularity.

Kanye is not at all surprised that he has been chosen for the first contact: he feels that no other could represent Earth as well as he does. He has also assured that he will provide solid evidence to support his claim, enabling him to collect the bounty of 100 million dollars. However, Stephen Hawking and the Russian billionaire have already announced that even if the allegations are confirmed, they will not pay the price as they do not consider the mission accomplished: their initiative is to find extra-terrestrial intelligence, which would clearly not be achieved in this case.

Donald Trump has also commented on this matter, requesting the authorities to deport Kim and her family because “we do not need any illegal aliens in the US, they have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems here – we already have enough crazies of our own.”

In the meantime, Kanye and Kim seem to be enjoying the additional attention they are getting. Steven Spielberg has even announced his intention to shoot a sequel of the “E.T.” blockbuster, inviting Kanye and Kim to take the leading parts.