Jochen Schweizer’s special offers for extreme tours booming

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German businessman Jochen Schweizer, known for his offers of adrenaline-laden activities, has expanded his portfolio with extreme tours. The new activities target the most famous Middle Eastern destinations, including Yemen, Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan, but also include a number of European countries.

On these tours, the customers assume the role of a smuggled person hauled by an array of different means of transportation, including boats, buses, trains or trucks. Illegally, of course.

All the unique tours start in the European Union and offer sightseeing of all major borders in the European Union and Turkey. The routing is very flexible, and the exact points of transit and arrival are unknown, which makes the experience even more extreme.

Apparently, the trips are incredibly popular among European liberals, and Jochen Schweizer’s tourist camps are already overcrowded. Some countries have even mistaken the tourists for real refugees, denying them asylum in a fast-track procedure and deporting them to Albania.

One of the entry-level tour clients, Hans F. from Frankfurt, highly praised the venture:

We got picked up in the middle of the night by two Slavic truck drivers, we were completely overwhelmed. They took all our papers and stuffed us with some 60 other tourists in a cattle truck, eventually driving us over the border to Austria and dropping us in the middle of Niederndorf.

People around us did not understand German and tried to load us onto the train to Poland. We had to fight them to return to Germany! It was the most extreme experience of my lifetime – thank you, Jochen.

Inspired by this success, Jochen Schweizer is now planning to round off his portfolio with extreme drug trafficking tours, offering his customers a special thrill by letting them smuggle cocaine to Singapore and Thailand in their luggage, stomach or rectum.