ISIS targets new recruits through dating networks

ISIS has proven once again that it is a modern and forward-looking organisation making use of the best technology available, and not shying away from popular communication channels, including social media.

According to the latest CIA report, besides using Twitter and Facebook, the group has now expanded its recruiting activities to Tinder and Grindr, two prominent hook-up networks. The experts were highly surprised by this choice of the communication platform: whereas Tinder is used mostly by heterosexuals, Grindr is used mainly by gay and bisexual users predominantly for one-night stands.

However, anonymous religion experts on Yahoo Answers have now clarified that the Shariat does not actually explicitly prohibit homosexuality. In fact, the Quran does not specify the gender of the 72 virgins awaiting the shahids in Jannah (paradise). Considering the many hardships and dangers young ISIS fighters have to endure, on second thought it is not at all surprising that some of them may form a very special bond.

CIA has intercepted some communication over Grinder disclosing terrifying recruiting techniques used by ISIS

Intercepted chat in Grindr disclosing terrifying recruiting techniques used by ISIS

An estimated 10,000 new Grindr accounts have been created just over the last month by ISIS recruiters, who seem to be enjoying swiping right. The CIA is yet to assess the degree of success of this new platform in attracting new fighters, but as a precaution, security statements have been issued warning Grindr users to not fall for “fast gay sex behind the mosque” promises, as the transmitters of such messages are most likely to work for ISIS.