Finally an electric car to love

Tesla Model D

Tesla, Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf – these vehicles have revolutionised our car market, having shown us incredible alternatives. Although many believe in the rising trend to go electric, car manufacturers continue to sabotage electricity by all means possible.

Judging by the common views on electric cars, these will never be en vogue for anyone with a slightest sense of style, but will only be used by nerds who want to “make a statement”. According to the latest trends, car manufacturers refuse to close down their main petroleum business and will at the most produce ugly-ass electric alternatives in the hopes of sabotaging the whole idea.

Electric cars are not masculine enough, they lack exhaust pipes and fat rims. All in all, they just do not look right to an average car lover. Looking at the new BMW i3, some might even start crying as it beats Nissan Juke or Fiat Multipla in terms of concentrated ugliness.

Arguably, the only electric car on the market that can still attract the attention of the opposite gender is Tesla. Following its relative success, Tesla announced its new addition Tesla Model D, which will offer significantly less mileage, but will have all attributes of a proper muscle car. As Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, said in an interview:

Driving an electric car is not sexy, everybody knows that. You cannot attract chicks by an induction motor or plastic rims. Our new Model D will do just that: it will attract superficial hoes. It is fully electric, slow, loud and bling-bling.

The potential of the new model is huge: southern US States, Albania and Turkey have already reserved most of the announced vehicles for 2016.