Euro crumbles: out comes the Monopoly buck

It is more than apparent that Greece is not in a rush to leave the EU on its own accord. However, even if Greece does finally leave the EU, it will be problematic for the remaining members as all Euro banknotes currently in circulation feature Greek text – something that cannot be corrected that easily.

As social fears about the instability of the European currency rise, many European states, including Germany, have decided to abstain from using the Euro for the time being and instead switched to an alternative currency. The currency of choice is the Monopoly buck. It is popular, used in every family and has wide acceptance across the globe. Its further advantage is that it is readily available – meaning there is no need to develop and design new currencies, print large quantities of new banknotes and introduce them into the society.

Hasbro, the company behind Monopoly, has already confirmed its readiness to supply all households with more cash.

However, there have already been some first confusions about the new currency, as has become known to the press. Several locals of Berlin, Germany, have now claimed their ownership of the Main Railroad Station. The conflict has escalated when they visited the station and tried to collect a passing fee from travellers and shop owners. Local police were unable to resolve the conflict, since all involved parties have been able to produce proper proof of ownership. The dispute is being reviewed in the European Court of Justice.

In the meantime, as Monopoly currency has taken the place of Euro, the Zimbabwean dollar has been offered as replacement for the board game.