Enough of “nobody gets me”

The new Dyselxic Sans, Psychedelic MS and Sarcastic fonts

The creators of the controversial Comic Sans MS font are not letting themselves be discouraged by its critical reception. As announced on their Twitter page today, they are ready for new beginnings. In a whirl of inspiration, they have come up with several new font types and are currently perfecting their new creations.

In addition to the new Tragic Sans, conceived specifically to write about serious and dramatic events, the team has confirmed their work on quite a few other innovative fonts, meant to facilitate text classification without requiring the viewer to even read it.

The new Tragic Sans font for the drama

The new Tragic Sans font for the drama

Recognising the increasing role of the Internet, the team has decided to develop fonts primarily for the comfort of the Internet users. The list of these new fonts is quite extensive and includes both typefaces for official occasions, as well as less formal font families.

For instance, there is the new Intellectualistic typeface: a sturdy, serious font family that lets the viewer see immediately that the author is a well-read erudite. This font family also includes:

  • the Academic for professional-looking bullshitting,
  • the Scientific Sans for nerdy texts,
  • the Juristic for legal yadda-yadda, and
  • the Bureaucratic for lengthy and dull official texts.

Any of these fonts when used in heated forum discussions are destined to win over any argument. A special font, the Grammatic, has also been previewed for the Grammar Nazis among us.

Speaking of forums – special fonts are also being designed for chats: the Platonic lets the counterpart know right away that he is only being viewed as a friend, while the Romantic and the Erotic fonts send the direly needed signal that there could in fact be more.

However, the designers are especially proud of their revolutionary Sarcastic font, which should finally eliminate any misunderstanding in written communication. The new fonts will let your true emotions shine through.

The Microsoft Corporation has already confirmed that they will take over the full batch of the new typefaces, which are expected to be supplied with the upcoming Windows 10.