Queen Máxima of the Netherlands fights for immigrant integration

Immigrants are well integrated in the Netherlands

As more and more refugees arrive to Europe, the Queen of the Netherlands Máxima has openly declared her admiration for their fast integration into the European culture and the speed with which they adopt European customs and values. She is urging all locals to extend a helping hand to the newcomers and is not afraid to lead by example.

It is not the first time that Queen Máxima addresses this issue. The well-being of the immigrants and their integration into their new homeland have always been a particular concern of Her Majesty. Being an immigrant herself, she understands all too well the difficulties of having to pave the way for the rest of the family and the frustration trying to find a job.

This is why she supported with both hands the recent Royal employment initiative aiming to secure a job for every refugee and immigrant. The initiative has proven to be a great success: according to a Royal House spokesman, the Queen has already established 5,000 new positions for the newly arrived.

We have thought long and hard about how we can really help, and then we had this aha moment: we just need to let them do what they do best. This is truly a win-win situation. We sponsor their first shipment of drugs and send them out to sell it on the streets.

We teach them how to fish, figuratively speaking, and everybody is happy: the customers feel safe buying from certified vendors, and the immigrants learn a life skill that lets them stand firmly on their own feet.

Trying to break the ice and promote the initiative, Queen Máxima has been holding press conferences and touring various universities with her private dealer, Moonif, and the initiative seems to be picking up speed rather quickly.

This controversial solution is not the only initiative, however, that the Dutch government and the Royal House have brought to life to ease integration. As of early 2016, workshops are being offered to teach refugees to urinate in the canals and unlock unguarded bicycles, all as part of their European integration programme.

Locals and tourists have already commended the increased presence of hard-working refugees. As a young couple happily shouted to our reporter, “Netherlands is all about crazy weird people on the streets, these talibans fit right in!”