Crisis on the “Big Brother: International Space Station”

International Big Brother Station

It has been reported today that the ‘International Space Station’, the space edition of the Big Brother show, is once again experiencing problems with its contestants. Some participants have contacted Earth last week complaining about the unbearable situation on the station. The report has been made available to mass media following a request from the families of the competitors. The distress call said:

Houston, we have a situation. We urgently need our own toilet and a fridge. Russians won’t let us use theirs. They threaten to cut off electricity if we try to use it again. Please advise.

Apparently, the participants of the show had a quarrel 400km above the ground. It all started when members of the American crew placed their socks by the bed of Anton Shkaplerov (a Russian contestant), which started floating around. The next day an American member of the crew found his socks nailed to his pillow, and he did not appreciate that.

It is not the first recorded tension on the show. A couple of years ago, American participants were confronted by the German astronaut after they called him names and tried painting WW2 signs above his bunk.

Producers of the Big Brother told us in an interview:

We are completely against bullying, but it still happens, more often than we would like to admit. Young adults alone in space, with nothing to do, and forced to socialise with each other in order to win the show… some find their first love, others run into conflicts.

When you have contestants from countries such as US or Russia, conflicts are almost bound to happen. After all, this is what people love about our show.

The Big Brother space edition came into being after the producer failed to attract viewers on Earth. The show built an expensive version of the house in space, with rockets from Earth bringing supplies and delivering names of eliminated contestants. Every now and then, rockets fail to reach the station, adding an edge to the show and resulting in new intrigues – which just improves the broadcaster’s ratings around the globe.

We will continue our exclusive coverage of the show – it has now been announced that the next rocket will fly Ukrainian contestants to the house, provided that the rocket reaches the station.