Catholics declare their own State

Pope crusaderPope crusader

Catholics across Europe have declared their own new state today: the Catholic State of Moses and the Holy Spirit. As the State’s Secretary-General, Pope Francis, announced on Friday, the new state will span across several European countries, expanding to the East.

We need our own state. It is time that each and every Catholic worldwide knows that he has a place with us. We will re-establish the Hospitallers and the Crusading armies to protect our borders from unholy warriors of ISIS and other ungodly scum, and to spread the word of God.

The Vatican will become the capital of the new Catholic State. It seems that the Pope has been planning the move for a long time, as some State institutions are already in place and ready for future expansion. Trained missionaries will soon be sent to all countries to educate the pagans and drill the holy water wells.

The rule of the Holy Bible will be established on all of the territories. The Ten Commandments, in particular, will serve as the main source of law, and only justified killings of their violators will be permitted.

Little is known about the previewed structures of the new state, but the Bishops are expected to be in charge of almost all state institutes, including primary and secondary education.

While the world still tries to comprehend the underlying motive, some experts note that Vatican was ‘de facto’ already a Catholic State with its own private guards, its own financial institutions,  and diplomatic exemptions for its high-ranking officials.