Can’t stop the Lexus hoverboard now

Nordic breaks on hoverboardNordic breaks on hoverboard

Breaking news: fans of the automotive giant Toyota/Lexus have discovered that the long awaited and recently announced hoverboard is not equipped with any functioning brakes. The only way to get off this out-of-control ride would be crashing into something or someone. We received a statement from the MIT, condemning such irresponsible engineering and expressing hope that Lexus never build a motorcycle or an airplane.

It seems, however, that this is fully intended, with the Lexus engineers actually having planned this feature. As Lexus mastermind told us anonymously:

Hoverboard is an aviation vehicle requiring a special piloting license. Technically, it’s an airplane. And just as airplanes do not have brakes, neither does our hoverboard.

After the news about the absence of a braking mechanism on the board have been confirmed to the public, it emerged that barely anyone was aware that planes have no ability to stop while airborne.

In an attempt to save the image of their product, Lexus have released a list of accessories that can be acquired along with the board that would solve this problem. One of the many suggestions is carrying an anchor, which can also be used to shackle the hoverboard to lampposts when not in use.

Alternatively, a pair of nordic walking sticks, which everyone has lying around idly somewhere at home, could actually be used to help operating the hoverboard. Reputedly, the product designers are also working on a sophisticated airbag system and a full body protection.