Apple releases self-driving car

Apple reinvents the car

Electric self-driving cars have just become a modern reality as Apple announced its new product – a car that does the job for you. Some fans have already called it a revolution in the automotive industry.

It has been speculated that Apple has acquired experts from Tesla to work on something called iCart, a vehicle which should revolutionise our understanding of urban mobility.

As always, Apple has introduced some sensational new interfaces, which make other car manufacturers grind their teeth enviously.

The first distinctive feature introduced by Apple is the so-called iWheel, a unique steering instrument that will intuitively help you driving the car in the required direction. During the presentation held in San Francisco, Tim Cook has shown just how easy it will be to operate the iCart.

Cockpit of a normal car on the left, intuitive iWheel of the iCart on the right

Cockpit of a normal car on the left, intuitive iWheel of the iCart on the right

However, iWheel is certainly not the only innovative feature iCart has to offer. There will also be the revolutionary iBrake and a newly patented iBlow ventilation system.

As announced, the car is able to drive fully on its own. For this purpose, Apple has adopted the unique strategy of equipping every iCart with a Chinese Foxconn minor.

The built-in media storage in the iCart will allow easy connectivity with the home PC over iTunes. It will also be easy to track the car by simply tracking the connecting cable from the PC to the carport.

The best part of the deal is, the iCart will not require any new accessories: it will be possible to charge it via the Lightning cable, the same one normally used to charge all other Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. It will take an average of 35 days to charge Apple car’s battery to 1%.

As news of Apple’s most recent innovation have made its stocks sky rocket yet again, Chinese and Russian hackers have apparently already found a way to jail-break the car and claim to know how to replace tires and even wheels without going through Apple’s store.